Winter Tips from Acupuncturist Laura Jones

Winter Tips from Acupuncturist Laura Jones
Staying well in the winter is always a hot topic; with the threat of colds and flu in the air we
often resort to Google searching symptoms and remedies to avoid the doctor’s waiting room!
Already I’ve been treating my patients for the usual onslaught of wintery symptoms;
congestion, sinusitis, coughs, headaches and lethargy. Many did not even know that
Acupuncture can help with these symptoms and nip a cold in the bud. This is because
Acupuncture primarily stimulates the body’s ability to heal itself and creates a cascade of
chemical and immune responses ready to come to your rescue. This could be news to you

I will provide a recent article link based on this at the end for those wanting to dive in a
bit deeper.

To prevent a cold from taking you over, or starting at all I often recommend this simple
Ginger Tea Remedy that is suitable for the majority of people but should be tried with caution
if you’re susceptible to acid reflux.

It has only 3 easy to obtain ingredients; Fresh ginger, honey (local if possible) and hot water!
1. Simple cut a 1inch cube of fresh ginger and steep in a cup of freshly boiled
water for up to 5 minutes
2. Remove the cube and stir in a teaspoon or two of honey
3. Enjoy!


Having this simple drink daily between 9am and 12pm will help boost your immune system
and prepare your stomach for lunch! IF you already have the initial symptoms of a cold you
can add lemon too, the timeless combination of lemon and honey with the extra kick of
ginger just might help you get back on track.
Keeping your lower back and neck warm and protected from the wind during the winter
season is also advised to avoid aggravating old injuries, and taking care of your joints is
essential too especially if you’re an arthritis sufferer. Treat yourself to thermal socks and

I hope you can take something away from this and try out the drink for yourself! Pass the
knowledge on if it works for you.
Article about Acupuncture and Flu can be found online and is not limited to this one
example “click here”

I look forward to helping you to get back to yourself!

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