What’s happening in Rayleigh this month?

October is upon us and inevitably thoughts may turn to Christmas – or Halloween – with shops being stacked early with Quality Street and the like, when summer has only just passed.

To cheer everyone up though (assuming you need cheering up) we’ve set up this new venture. It’s for residents and businesses in Rayleigh to contribute to and share, as well as advertising their company and services free of charge. We can give you a brief bio, a suitable image and a handy link directly to your website, just as we have done with The Windmill, Town Museum and Rayleigh Mount to name but three.

We’ve got a healthy Facebook following too and you can find the link at the head and foot of each page and again feel free to join the conversation on there. There’s also a YouTube channel and again if you have vlogs, email them to us and we’ll add them to the channel.

This is Rayleigh is in its infancy but we’re hoping it grows and develops into something much bigger.

It’s not only a place to advertise, but one to add your posts and ideas too via this website and our social media channels.

I’d also like to introduce the web designer, Stuart Walton, not from Walton, but living in Great Yarmouth. Some of you may recognise his company name: Get Pro Copy Ltd as he’s designed three websites now in Rayleigh. He’s almost perfected the local way of saying “Shattap” and we’re hoping if he ever visits he’ll witness the lingo first hand.

So a big welcome to This is Rayleigh, or TOWIR, and if you want to get in touch, email us at hello@thisisrayleigh.co.uk or fill in one of the many forms.

Happy reading!

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